Hello and welcome to our website.  We specialize in the management and treatment of chronic pain syndromes such as chronic neck, low back, joint, muscle and nerve pain.

Many times, patients have tried and failed neck and back surgeries, cervical and lumbar epidural steroid injections, facet joint injections, intrathecal pain pumps, nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablations (rhizotomies), spinal cord stimulators, spinal decompression, spinal traction, chiropractic care and physical therapy.  Moreover, their current pain management regimen may not be effectively controlling their pain or their treating physician has retired.  This is where we come in and help.

When you need to take something for your pain, it is important to have a doctor that works with you to select the best pain medications for your particular needs while minimizing adverse side effects and drug interactions.

Our goal is to work with you to improve your quality of life, level of function and independence.  If you have exhausted all other treatment options and you are still in pain or if you just want a second opinion, then call us today at (214) 369-7881 to make your appointment so that you can get out of pain and get back to the things that matter to you the most!